Business Law - We help your business leave a successful legacy.
In business, there are three crucial needs:

  1. A competent attorney
  2. A banking relationship
  3. A competent CPA

In all our years of representing businesses whether new or ongoing businesses, capitalization (i.e. money) is crucial also for successful business. We find that so many individuals want to be in business for themselves and they venture in areas of the unknown, which many times results in failure of the business. Our job is to advise you as to the type of legal entity that needs to be set up for your business. We want to know a client’s business background, experience, why they want to go into their own business, and based on those answers we will assist them in determining the proper legal entity.

Whether you form a sole proprietorship, limited liability company, sub-s corporation, c-corporation, partnership, or joint venture, it is my job to advise you properly as to what is in your best interest.

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