Legal Consultations

Over the years, I have found professional and personal satisfaction in offering clients legal consultations. Many Americans are confused because of the present circumstance they find themselves in – whether in real estate or business disputes; deciding whether to create a will or trust; understanding a probate situation; or understanding the legal effect of an agreement they need to, or already have, signed. Legal consultations are brief and flexible ways to clarify complex issues and suggest solutions.

Individuals can schedule an appointment and, for a minimum fee, have the opportunity to sit down and consult with me about the circumstance they are experiencing. It is my job, first and foremost, to relieve them from any and all anxiety and give them some clarity and direction in the issue at hand. The end result of such consultation, whether it’s a phone call to be made to another party, a letter to be written, or just an opportunity for an individual to sit down and simply express their frustration and hear a very sound, specific answer to their circumstance, is a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind.


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