Personal Injury

Careless drivers, irresponsible businesses, negligent doctors, inconsiderate individuals and defective products injure thousands of people each year. Unfortunately, most of these people never see a penny of compensation for their damages; instead, the other party’s insurance company uses every conceivable tactic to refuse payment. These carefully orchestrated strategies are nearly impossible for the average person to counteract, and as a result, most people end up paying for their own doctor bills, replacing their own belongings, missing work without pay and dealing with a myriad of emotional consequences. Do not let yourself become one of these people. If you have been injured by another person’s thoughtlessness, take control now to ensure that you receive the recompense you deserve.

As your Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney, I am here to help you do that. Over three decades of law experience has given me even more understanding of tort law than most insurance agencies, and I am so familiar with insurance tactics that I can often predict their plans of action before they even introduce them. As a result, I am well prepared to counter any assertions they might make. I firmly believe that every person who has been injured by another individual, either physically or emotionally, deserves compensation not only for physical injuries associated with the accident but for work loss, disability, damage to personal belongings and pain and suffering. I know how much money you are entitled to, and I will vigorously fight to make certain that you get the maximum amount you deserve.

I will do more than just advocate for you to the courts and the victim’s lawyer, however; I will also do everything in my power to ensure that you understand your case and your rights. With more than 20 years of experience representing legal matters on television, in books, on the radio and in personal seminars, I am capable of taking complex legal language and interpreting it in a simple and agreeable manner for the average layperson. Guided by a passion for your right to understand the law, I will never make you feel like you are less than me by talking above your head. Whether your personal injury is caused by a slip and fall, food poisoning, a vehicular accident or nursing home abuse, I will make sure that you understand everything that I am doing throughout your case.

There is something about having legal representation that gives a person almost instant respect with a large business, a powerful organization or a callous individual. This respect, combined with my extensive knowledge and experience and my clients’ own appreciation of their rights, has lead to substantial and fair settlements for my clients in both jury trial verdicts and fair resolution settlements. If you have sustained a personal injury, give me a call today at 702-870-1100 and let me show you my capabilities.

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