Real Estate Law

In today’s marketplace, the issue of the value of the home and what it means to individuals has risen to a new level. For more than 30 years, I have assisted homeowners in resolving their pending disputes with lenders and advised them as to what their legal rights are and what is in their best interest based on the circumstances. We can advise if a loan modification or short sale is appropriate, or if a home should go into foreclosure because of the circumstances surrounding each individual. Real estate has always been considered a very unique part of the law because it is so personal to all individuals, particularly involving home ownership.

From representing clients who owned a primary residence to investment properties for rentals, as well as vacant properties for investment development in the future, Bob advises clients as to what their legal rights are and how they can protect their position in the system. He gives them a successful resolution to any pending dispute they may presently be encountering.

Now more than ever before, the landlord-tenant relationship is important. Because of the unemployment issue in our country, the commercial real estate market all over the country has been affected. The number of foreclosures that is occurring has affected the rental housing market as well. As a result, property management and landlord-tenant relationships are alive and well. Both the landlord and tenant need to be properly advised and have contracts written up in such a fashion to protect all parties involved. Bob has also assisted in commercial-lease revisions, advising both the landlord in reference to modifying leases to keep their tenants in place and tenants who are in the verge of bankruptcy, advising them what their legal rights are based on the documents they executed.


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