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We advise on all real estate matters – Residential or Commercial. The American Dream for many is measured by home ownership. The real estate crisis was something that changed the face of our country and the lives of millions. Homeowners were treated as if they were criminals because they defaulted on payments and tried to have lenders assist in saving their homes. However, Americans found they had to have their credit ruined to even be considered for a loan modification, short sale or forbearance in stopping a foreclosure.

What is important to understand based on what we have learned in the last several years is that we as home owners, cannot use the excuse any longer that we do not understand what is going on in the real estate market. People today are more educated than ever before and they understand what short sales, loan modification and how lenders work in the marketplace.

Whatever your needs might be in any real estate transaction, please give us a call for a consultation so we can assist you in any of these pending matters. Owning a home is important and must be under the right circumstances and you must be properly advised so you understand your legal rights.

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